Sunday, February 1, 2015

Growing Out

We are governed by the rules that we were taught when we were youngsters and too young to make our own decision. We were told that not to embarrass our family, that we should be humble and not rock the boat, and a multitude of ideas which we incorporated into our thoughts without being aware.

Then we got bigger and we learned that although many of these teachings continue to be valuable, there were many others that don’t sit well with us any longer.

We were told to be polite sometimes to the point of submission, to not ask for what we are due, and to keep our dreams small.

We now have the awareness and the ability to do something different. But still, many of us don’t.

Are you subservient to a spouse or supervisor?
Do you chastise a child the same way you were?
Are you a victim and a blamer because this is what you were taught?
Do you work until you are bone weary because you were told "life is tough"?
Are you waiting for the right time to become a musician, an artist, a writer or a student?

Don't wait any longer.

This week, spend some time to recognize what is holding you back. Are you still following the rules you were taught when you were a child even though you are now much taller?

Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. 
Add what is uniquely your own.
Bruce Lee

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