Friday, March 13, 2015

Consistency – Why do we not do what we should?

Today, a friend was saying that her feet hurt. When we got further into our conversation, she said that she just didn’t wear her new orthotic consistently. So how often do you wear it, I asked. Oh, a few times a week, she smiled. Even she recognized the humour in this, as with most of us, she does wear shoes every day!

Consistency of habit or not developing a habit is our typical downfall. In every new practise we reach for, we will not see noticeable change unless we are disciplined in creating a change. If our effort is sporadic or we are only half committed what we hope to accomplish is only a pipe dream.

Consistent commitment and discipline, it’s hard work but it will change your life. Wear your orthotic, pop in your retainer, don’t stop at the vending machine, get off the couch. Floss one tooth today to get into the habit!

Gain momentum. Taking things one step at a time helps, it gives us courage and confidence. But stand at an airport terminal and you’ll see that planes need sufficient velocity to get off the ground. Or they will taxi around on the tarmac all day long just like some of us, going around in circles. But once the pilot is committed to lift off, that’s when things happen!

Commit, be consistent, momentum, lift off. A new habit that can create a new You.

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