Friday, February 26, 2016

Invest in the Right

You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out.

Warren Buffett

Years ago, my children and I lived on the “other side of the tracks”. Not literally but certainly figuratively. We did not live on the side of our sub-division where the houses were large with expansive front lawns and fancy cars in the driveway.

The community school however, accepted students from both areas. My son was in grade 2 or 3 and had been invited to a birthday party of his little buddy from the "other side". I had met the child’s mother several times at school volunteering events and was confident in her care of my son. What I didn’t know at that time, is that we would continue a friendship and respect for each other long after our boys had outgrown their friendship.

I definitely felt intimidated as I walked up the curved driveway with my son as he tightly clutched the gift he had wrapped in his hands. I looked enviously at the front porch decorated with balloons and Happy Birthday signs amongst the wicker furniture that definitely did not come from Walmart.

Mom and Birthday boy greeted us at the front door and we entered the cavernous almost empty living room. I was shocked! The sofa and three chairs were crowded into a huddle, they did not match and looked like they had been well-loved for many years.

And in that moment, I realized that I had been guilty of assumption. I had assumed that this Mom’s life was entirely different from mine because of the size and location of her house. I assumed that she lived a privileged life that I did not have, that we would have nothing in common and that her house would have at least one chandelier or maybe two.

I saw the size of the wave and stepped back because of fear. And although Warren Buffett was probably referring to stocks and bonds and investments of a totally different nature, now I understood. Most appearances are not what they seem. 

To live successfully, we need to put stock in the security of our investments based on real things like truth and kindness and belief in ourself.

Most appearances are not what they seem. (Click to Tweet)

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