Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Breaking the Rules

The older I get, the more I realize that I’m a rule follower. 
Except for the rules I think are stupid.

Do you follow rules? If no one was watching would you jay-walk across a busy street in spite of the potential hefty fine?

Are you a little bit daring, and drive with the glaring “empty” light for 2 days before approaching a gas station?

San Francisco

How come some of us are diligent about arriving for work on time, and others can saunter in because of a traffic slow down, the icy conditions,  or they couldn’t get their dog back in the house?

Do you discard the yoghourt because it is minutes passed the best before date or continue to drink the “expired” milk for a week?

Are the due dates for your library books in red on the calendar? Or do they get back when you’re good and ready and finished, handed in with a fistful of change?

We pick and choose each day which rules must be followed and which ones are just guidelines.

Which ones do you stick to and wouldn’t think to waver from? 

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