Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hug It On

Each morning I pass this heart. Painted with some kind of puffy paint on the grass bank along a main thoroughfare I drive to work.

Each morning this quirky show of love makes me smile. Who created it? Why did this artist choose this spot to spread the love?
All I know is that it lightens my heart to know that someone gave this gift to everyone who passes. People he/she does not know. Just a big fat hug each morning passed on anonymously with nothing expected in return. Beautiful! I wonder how many spirits are lifted, flaring tempers abated, hope given for a wonderful day from this heart.

The city has not removed it. Thankfully. How can we challenge the sharing of our hearts?

What I would love to see are more hearts cropping up around town. Just as a surprise and to spread the smiles. Tie a ribbon heart on a branch, gently lay down stones to form this universal sign, draw it on a dusty (or snow covered) windshield, pull out the chalk and decorate your sidewalk, cut out a sandwich shaped full of love, draw it in your loved one’s chocolate pudding?

We might not have the tools to recreate this showing by the road, but what can we each do today to spread the love? Maybe, even pass it on to someone who doesn't get a hug each day.

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