Monday, August 29, 2016

Rejection and Re-direction

Locker Wisdom, Rejection and Re-direction

As the new school year begins, perhaps we should all keep in mind these wise words. Being rejected might not seem like it at the time but we are heading to "something better".

So often, we are confused and disappointed by what life throws our way. For someone, not making the team is equally hurtful as losing our job unexpectedly. Each rejection can layer our hearts with bitterness but what if we look at it differently?

Any salesperson knows that typically they have to experience 50 rejections before a sale. You might have heard that for every negative review or criticism, we need a multitude more of praise to counter our hurt. So if we go into every experience knowing that there is more success on the horizon, how would we approach it?

Do you remember being young? How many times did you fall off your bicycle, get water up your nose learning to swim, crash into the boards while on your ice skates? Did you give up? How many times have you been fired? I know I was a very bad waitress one summer and an equally bad data entry person a few years later. And what I learned was that those jobs were better suited for someone else!

Know that being rejected is Life's way of teaching us something about ourself. It should be a wonderful, freeing experience. It should allow us to try anything new that appeals to us, or leave a bad situation behind. It should make us see the world as a playground for learning.

We are all doing our best to find ourselves. It is only those who slam that locker shut that lose out.

So tell me, how were you rejected and why did it turn out to be your greatest re-direction?

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It is only those who slam that locker shut that lose out. (Click to Tweet)


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