Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Reading - my 6 most-read posts of 2016

In this busy time of celebrating, I hope you will stay and relax for a few minutes. Thank you to all my readers for sharing this year with me. Your comments, your wisdom and your dialogue are such a gift to me. Thank you for allowing me to be a writer.

My 6 most-read posts are here for you while you take a restful stop and sip on your beverage. Each post brought to you to reflect, laugh, smile or cry. Each one from my heart.

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Rejection and Re-direction

As the new school year begins, perhaps we should all keep in mind these wise words. Being rejected might not seem like it at the time but we are heading to "something better". Read more..

Give and Take –  how to do it – a Rant(?)

What I’ve learned is that sometimes people give only because it gives them something, said my friend. It is a self-serving pat-on-the-back, not because they want the recipient to be truly honoured. But because they feel needed, she continued. Read more..

Relationship is not a Secret

The beauty of the couple. Rare, dignified, classy. Bringing that air of well-being to all they encounter. I think that they must enjoy the experience of strolling through a park or attending a book reading at the local library. Read more.. 

Asking Questions Made Me Enjoy Social Events

Let's face it, marathoners are not typically a subdued bunch. As the host opened the front door to the after-race party, the laughter and conversation overwhelmed me. What was I doing here? Sure, I'd just completed my first half marathon, but these people were "real athletes", each wearing their newest Finisher medal. I was just a nerd in running shoes. Read more..

When Is Enough enough? 6 Simple Ideas to set you Free

Too much? Stuff.

What are you going to do about it today?

When is Enough enough? Or the bigger question, what is your enough? What are you giving up now for the day that you can enjoy what you have? Read more..

Ode to a Girl Named River

Such a little girl. Her hand reaching up is totally enveloped in her Dad’s. 
They are walking as they usually do, almost every evening, just catching up on their respective days. It’s a habit he had started when she was just wee, when he would come home from work, scrub his hands clean and smile and talk to her sweet face. Read more..

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