Monday, February 6, 2017

Choosing a Better Journey

Life is not a solo act. 
It's a huge collaboration, 
and we all need to assemble around us
the people who care about us 
and support us in times of strife.

Tim Gunn

Thank you dear reader for sticking by me with your patience. As many of you have noticed (thanks for your emails) I have not been actively writing here for a little while. My time has been dedicated to deep thinking on the future of my writing projects.

There comes a point in each of our lives that parts of our self slip away, either we take off the mask or we decide to keep it on permanently. 

Courtesy Unsplash, Pixabay

In my efforts to Simplify this year, I was prepared to confront some deep-held beliefs which have swept me along as reasons (excuses?) to not be the writer that I am. 

As a writer, we are often afraid to offend those closest to us because of our words. And although we know that anything and everything can be taken in the not-intended way, most of us are not quite brave enough to step past that line of full honesty and disclosure.

In my time away, I have been tossed about with this idea. How does a person speak their truth? I'm not speaking about facts here, I'm referring to emotion. What annoys us, what encourages us, what makes us sigh with pleasure, and what makes us boil. Let's all remember that my truth may not often or necessarily be your truth.

But all any one of  us want is to be heard. Equally. If what I write makes you reflect. Excellent. If my images remind you of your happy childhood. Wonderful. If my words make you angry. They've made you think, and that was their purpose.

We are truly fortunate if we have people in our lives who not only support us, but also love us enough to tell us that we need to get over whatever we are stuck in. We need to have people in our life who are willing to call us on our B.S. and our fears.

They are the ones who will help us grow...better. They are the ones who want us to succeed, they are strong enough in their own right and don't need anything from us. They just want to come along for our journey.

Look for these people everyday, they are there, waiting. It's up to you to recognize them.

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