Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dancing in the Rain, Jumping in the Puddles

My daughter's delight showed on her face as she shared her recent experience with me. She was running on a local path and could see an elderly woman making her way towards her. The woman slowed down as she approached a puddle, left-over from an overnight rainstorm, on the otherwise dry path.

As this woman reached the puddle, she tested the edge of it with the toe of her sturdy shoe. And then to my daughter's amazement, the old soul walked right through the puddle with a gleeful grin. My daughter smiled as she told me this story, I think she would have jumped in it if she could have, she said.

Today, I went out on my route as part of the training for the next race at the end of the month. No sooner had I left home, I was grateful for the baseball cap on my head, as the rain started to come down. It will let up, I thought to myself, as I continued on my way.

As I rounded the corner at the 4km mark, I saw a dad and a little girl walking hand in hand. She was carrying an umbrella with flowers on it, her raincoat was pink, and her rainboots had polka-dots. Dad was encouraging her to pick up the pace, but the little one was dawdling and stopping to look upwards at the raindrops.

She danced in the rain.

She stopped and admired some worms and obviously had a discussion with her Dad about them. I think now he had given up on trying to hasten this inquisitive child. Then she put down her umbrella and started to count the hundreds of dandelions beside the walking path.

I had to wonder why somewhere in time between the elderly woman who would have jumped in the puddle if she could have and the worm loving little girl, we start to lose our way.

We look for the safest, straightest path.
We stay out of the rainy weather.
We stop wearing flowers and polka-dots at the same time.
We don't notice the worms.
We end the lives of dandelions.

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