Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Put on Your Cape

You have a superpower. I know you do, I've glimpsed it every once in awhile. It might be your warped sense of humour or your laser-like focus when completing a task. And although most of us are shy to disclose it to the world, we are most ourselves when we are using our superpower.

Put on Your Cape, Pixabay Ben_Kerckx

For some strange reason, we are hesitant to talk about it because we feel that we will be labelled as "full of ourselves". Sometimes, we are just plain afraid to shine. We forget that this is our gift to give the world.

This morning as I left for my morning walk, I met my neighbour. You might remember him from Being Alone, Not Being Lonely. He is now 93 years old and he greeted me with "It's a beautiful morning, isn't it?" I'm out for my walk, he said. So am I, I replied.

In that brief instance I thought to myself, where will I be at 93? Will I still be committed, like my handsome neighbour, to start my day with a walk. To overlook my aches and pains and head out into the sunshine?

What thoughts must run through this chap's head each day. Would it not just be so much easier to stay in your pajamas (assuming that he wears some!) and pour a second cup of coffee? Simply to NOT go outside (too old, too cold, too windy, too wet)? To NOT take a few steps at a time and then need to pause before moving cautiously on?

What motivates him each day to be an inspiration?

My elderly friend and I chatted and then went our separate ways, and as I glanced behind, I'm sure I saw his red cape fluttering behind him.

More to come as I learn about his superpower...

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