Sunday, July 16, 2017

Life is a Travel

Traveler, there is no path, 
the path must be forged as you walk. 
Antonio Machado

Life is a travel, travel has no path.

It seems that at this time of year almost everyone you know is packing a bag to go somewhere. Each trip as unique as the traveler. Each planned to give the experience that we think we need at this point in our life.

Life is a Travel

For anyone who has strapped on a backpack and hit the road with their thumb extended to those who pack carefully for a distant adventure done in style, the draw of the unknown is the prize. What will the next curve in the road show you?

How often have you heard someone say that the trip they took changed their lives, and how does this happen when we all know that wherever we go, there we are? We can change our location, we can dress up to disguise, but under it all "There is only one You". 

It is unlikely that if you are an extrovert that you are planning a journey to a secluded island to be by yourself and write in your journal. Or if you are the quiet type that you will plan for a thirty-day bus tour with total strangers. 

And so it is each day of our life travel, we pick we choose where we pause, how fast we want to go, what we see along the way, who we stop for and for how long.

Unless.... you are trying on something new. Unless you have reached a point where you are searching for another side of you. Where the call of the path, any path is deafening and must be listened to.

You'll know when it happens.

We are always moving towards something new (perhaps a person, a job, an adventure, or the making of a name). If we are looking for it, we might find it. But to travel to the unknown is to travel towards yourself.

Please, stay in that moment of each New. See it, taste it, roll it in your mind. Swallow the experience so that it becomes a part of you. Capture it with a photograph, draw it in your notebook, smell it with the freshness of your first experience.

Walk slowly on your travels.

This day will not happen the same again. Keep it. It is only yours. (Click to Tweet)

Whatever path you choose, fellow traveler. Squeeze this New to fit in your heart.

We pick we choose where we pause, what we see along the way, who we stop for and for how long. (Click to Tweet)


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