Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kindness Needed at Till #1

A simple task, go to the store, pick up a few things, go home. But as you know the Universe has a way of stepping in. Showing you, reminding you and giving you a chance to test out your skills.

When this post from Mindful Magazine hit my email this morning, 5 Ways to Develop Kindness and Generosity, I didn't realize how quickly I'd have a chance to use it.

What I am writing here is a little window into my day, you are able to take it any way you like (as we always do!) or you may see it as a quasi rant. It's up to you.

This went smoothly, I thought to myself as I headed to the check out. I looked around, my first time in this particular store, I gazed upwards at all the colorful hanging signs swaying with the breeze of the air conditioning. As I stepped forward to the available sales assistant, I heard a loud voice  "and then she just budges into line" said in an unfriendly tone, directed to me.

Kindness Needed at Till #1

Oh, I responded facing the mother with her two small boys. I didn't realize there was just one line. She shook her head at me. You knew exactly what you were doing, she retorted. I apologized again but she would have no part of it.

I am not one to react easily and knew that in that moment I had a choice.

Breathe. Give kindness.

She wouldn't let it go. She tisked at me as she stepped towards the baffled sales person. When she was finished, she did a dramatic hand gesture indicating that NOW it was my turn. She continued to mumble.

In the quietest voice I could muster, because I too have been a frazzled mother running errands on a hot day, I said to her your children are watching your behaviour. And they see your's too, she shot back.

I made a mistake, I said to her.She stopped.

Use this opportunity, I said to her, to teach your youngsters that everyone makes mistakes.

It is good to have weathered a few storms. It has been many years since I carted around two small, unhappy, sticky children. As time goes by it is easier to Breathe into the moment when needed. Trust me on this.

Now tell me, how did you understand this interaction? Have you had a similar experience? How did you handle it?

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Use this opportunity to teach your youngsters that everyone makes mistakes.
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