Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Counting Down to Zero

Counting Down to Zero #CanmoreAB

We count and we count. And the months and weeks get crossed off on our calendars. The days vanish. The hours disappear in front of our eyes.

We practise for our first 21.1km race. We read to reach our book goal for the year. We increase our laps in the pool. We even dress with 33 items for 3 months. We need a certain amount of money in the bank. We need to be there for 6 o'clock.

We are governed by numbers.

And what we often forget, is the most important number of all. The one moment that is now. (Tweet This) 

This moment. The one we can taste, the sounds we hear, the feel of a loved one's hand, the weight of our thoughts, the music of our heartbeat.

Let's spend this moment, in this moment.

Because the day will come, when there will be just one moment left. (Tweet This)

Because we're all just counting down to zero.

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