Sunday, January 10, 2021

Create - the only thing you need to know: Word for the Year

Resting on a colander










These two birds were found with the rest of their family many years ago at a garage sale. They, as well as their siblings were feathered in downy red at that time. But over the years these two have changed.

They have aged, been moved around, dangled from the edges, and the tree which we prop in a corner of our living room during the season.

They have grown weary over the years and needed an update. They inspired my word for the year, Create.

The rest of the bird family has been packed away for another year, these two however, remain staring at me. And in this project, you will see them enter this new year in a new form.

Trying to improve

Anyone who knows me is aware how I like to re-imagine things. On empty pages, and with torn bits of the past, pieced together to make something new. Fitting for a new year, don't you think?

If you decide to continue to follow along here, you will see a shift towards creation in my words. Over the past year (perhaps enforced by distancing), I have realized that creating is much more fun than consuming.

And in this attempt to Create, I ask you too to give yourself permission to do what needs doing this new year. 

You may choose to de-clutter (because space is a good thing), to re-read a favourite book (because you've grown in the meantime), to investigate a new skill (because, why not?).

 We all Create in different ways. (Tweet This)


A piece here, a piece there. Note the glue medium stuck to fingers.

Smart Husband suggested they could dry this way!

I will aim this year to Create as much as I can, out of words - a poem or a story, on canvas - with paper and markings from anywhere, ribbons, wool, textile donations anyone? Using things that others might call pieces of trash. 

Many of course will call this madness, but I name it Create. (Tweet This)

And now, here sit two new birdies. In this new year.   

The only thing you need to know?

Start small. Change takes time.

All the pieces of yourself count.

They make you, You.

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May your Word of the Year guide you to a better you. (Tweet This)


Stay well, stay kind.



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