Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year New Word - Open

After spending last year with Simplify, I'm ready to begin anew with Open.

What will this OneWord365 show me? A person might think, what more could you learn when you're my age? Ah, let me tell you a little secret. It is in the learning that a person stays youthful!

The adoption of a Word, rather than a fistful of resolutions (not saying that I don't do this too) over the last few years, has given me true meaning to pause. I feel that I will "hear" my Word Open, often enough during the coming days.

In the more common, Open this door (not the other).

Open this door (not the other). (Tweet This)

New Year New Word - Open

But also in Open your mind, Open your heart, be more Open to different choices, become Open to the power of the Universe.

I am incredibly aware that this Open will also mean closing the door to some of my choices and previous behaviours. So this word also carries some trepidation, what will I be "encouraged" to give up, to stop doing? Stop wasting?

Yes, I am Open to some new goals. I'm hoping that by setting this word, that (continued) abundance will flow to me, good health, opportunities, a tribe of like-minded, an outlet for talents.

I welcome you to join the adventure of choosing a Word for this new year. What will you choose?

Then send me a message now and then and tell me how it manifests in the next 365.

A new year, a new Word? What's yours? What's Coming? (Tweet This)

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