Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My heart was stolen

In my work day, many people come in and out of my office space. Sometimes, people comment on one of my plants, the photograph of my family members or the open space. In the give and take of my seven hours, I am rarely surprised. People come in all varieties and are all unique and have their special needs. They range from the fully engaged and the fringe, the curious and the indifferent.

Today, someone noticed a small cast iron frog that I have on my table. My prosperity frog, I laughed. She said that she collected frogs, and asked if she could have it! Now that surprised me. To say that I was shocked was a bit of an understatement. Because, truly, I had only just known this person for 10 minutes. We were far from friends! Perhaps she misunderstood my shock for hesitation, so she asked again.

As I gathered my wits, I noticed that the small magnetic heart that always sat jauntily on top of the frog was gone…so I said so. She continued smiling.

And that is how I lost my heart this morning. She apparently needed a “kiss” from a frog.

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