Sunday, February 5, 2012

Opportunities - to be Good or Not

In Marina Endicott's "Good To a Fault", you are instantly thrown into a situation to make a decision. Will I like this character, her seemingly mundane life and the mess she finds herself in?

I encourage you to continue reading and to enjoy the beauty of the "everyday". Characters so filled with flaws that they are utterly human, no pretense, no false attempt at perfection, just like you and me.

Endicott's pages are filled with the undercurrent belief that we will all discover that "The window of time when you could do anything was so brief". Clara, the main character makes her decision and from that point the story writes itself, beautifully, with laughter and with intense pain.

It is a book so human, because the Universe dictates that "Fear is always with us; that we are not good enough or strong enough, and so will fail; that we will be hurt. Fear that what we love will be taken from us. Fear of dying, even fear of God, or of no God."

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