Friday, February 3, 2012

Slow Man Walking

For several months now, my path has crossed a stranger every morning while I wait at the top of the hill to turn left. He has been dressed head-to-toe in black and slowly crosses the 4 lanes of traffic. I wish I could say that I am patient, but his crossing is annoyingly slow and sauntering. I am not my best when I see him take his time, oblivious to the traffic held up and waiting for him to cross safely.

His black hood covers most of his face, his black almost ankle length coat (surely not the easiest to walk in), and the black gloves and black backpack have made him difficult to see in the headlights. Oh, did I say slow? His ear buds (slowly) bounce as he crosses the four lanes. At times I’ve wondered if he is listening to meditative music, if he is recovering from an illness, if he just doesn’t want to get there. He appears to be healthy, no recognizable debilitating limp, no neck brace that limits movement. I try to be patient, but most often my inner voice is screaming “get a move on fella, get a move on fella…” and stronger variations of this depending on the urgency of my schedule.

This morning, slow annoying man had removed his hood, had on a short walking jacket and actually walked fast! He was bald. What caused the change? Faster music, improved health, a new job, a new girlfriend, new medication? I will never know. He is just part of the story.

Let’s see if his speed continues tomorrow.

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