Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Pacing your accomplishments could be one of the hardest things in our journey. When we want to move ahead, it should happen, right? Wrong!

For some, focusing on moving ahead can be a battle that takes all our resources, all our time, and oftentimes all our humour.

Can we lose the "extra 10, 20, 30" pounds we've (oops!) accumulated, by a quick-fix remedy? Some magical turning back of the clock. But is our over-the-top remedy of drastic calorie reduction sustainable? Can we commit to a half-marathon, or the "Goofy" (January 2012, Disneyland) without lacing up our runners on a (very) regular basis?

Each step we take to "get there", needs to focus on the joy of being where we are. As Joe Vitale said in The Key, "How much good can you stand?"; enjoy and appreciate the present moment, because the next one is on its way. I believe that when we know that each little goal gets us to the BIG one, we can celebrate each plateau along the path. Don't sabotage yourself by giving up. We need to realize that our momentum may ebb and flow but always we are carried forward in the direction of our choice.

Life experience has taught me to balance and be patient. It might take longer but it will so be worth the wait. And then one day, you're sitting cross-legged in your yoga class and you surprise even yourself when you are able to lift you own body weight.

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