Friday, March 30, 2012

Sharing your light

Growing up while shopping with my Dad, I knew where he was by the sound of his whistling. I couldn’t always identify the tune but I knew that he was nearby. It’s a sound that continues to give me comfort and a sense of connection.

Being mindful of energy consumption, many spaces have lights that dim when it senses that there is no movement within. This of course is difficult for some of us who don’t fidget excessively. It means that when I am concentrating (too long!) I sometimes have to leave my desk to turn the lights back on.

Our washroom space is that way too. Entering that dark space the other day, I waved my arms and bopped to some imaginary music to get the lights to turn on. I wonder what else you could do to “light up the place”? Perhaps you could cha-cha on your way inside, or tango, cartwheel or do the 'gangsta' walk.

How do you bring light to your world each day? Are you the first one in who starts up the coffee? Are you the Concierge who greets everyone with the biggest smile each morning? Do you give your fellow travellers a smile while you sing out loud while driving? Or do you cartwheel?

Thank you to the Security person who was in my parkade today. I so enjoyed listening to you whistle Amazing Grace.

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