Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Signs - of stupidity?

There are signs everywhere. We see them, ignore them, manipulate them and interpret them. to our advantage.

Recycling is such a great idea. I can't imagine where all this yucky stuff was dumped previously. However, cardboard is not paper, paper inside plastic bags is not paper, and surely there should be no confusion between plastic and glass! But it seems that there is in the building I live in. Short of standing there and policing the guilty, what is a person to do? (Breathe)

There's a sign in our staff room that has grown angrier as the year has gone on. Tell me, why do people think that their Mother works there? She who silently and in a saintly manner rinsed the dregs out of our cups and scraped plates decorated with melted cheese. Is your colleague's time less valuable than your own? Someone eventually tires of the mess and cleans up, there's always one in our midst, the good child.

On holidays recently, we noticed a large swimming pool that did not have a fence or a sign of any sort, as is the law where I live. They assumed that you 1. would not jump in if you couldn't swim and 2. If you don't want to go in, you'd walk around. Common sense. There were no warnings about '
please don't go in if you are intoxicated", and "please no children without adult supervision" (especially if the adult doesn't know the difference between plastic and glass). 
I like their assumption, if you don't get it, you will get wet.

Someone wrote in to share about the service they didn't receive. It seems that when she went to pay a bill, it was cordoned off with an "enter" sign followed by one of those wandering back and forth trails. Much to her delight, there was no one ahead of her, so she skipped the trail and eagerly stepped directly in front of the person at the counter. She was informed that she could not be served because she did not enter where it said "enter". Are you kidding me?

Count the signs you see today, there are sure to be some that irritate (because you and I have common sense) and some that mystify.

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