Monday, October 8, 2012

Candles and Cake

When a birthday creeps up, memories can’t be far behind:
Of birthdays forgotten or lost in the shuffle of everyday life
Of selling a bike you’d won to pay for your child’s birthday party
Of reminiscing about old friends and the birthdays you've shared
Of the young man who crashed your 16th birthday and took your life on a path for many years.

Birthdays make you different inside, if you do more than just eat cake.

Birthdays have the power to make you stop and reflect:
Of what you’ve accomplished and what still lies outside of your reach.
To dream of future plans and how you’ll get there
To remember places you’ve seen this past year
And people who have come into your life
Of the passing of time, the unstoppable speediness of time.

Birthdays if you are fortunate, give you the wisdom to realize
the determination that is required to savour each moment, until the next one.

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