Thursday, October 11, 2012

What’s your red sole? There is only one You.

There will be haters, but there will be people who love you more 
and they’re the ones who count. 
Michelle Villalobos, founder of The Women's Success Summit
as quoted by SmartBlog on Social Media 

Today I am going to write about the business of Business. I am grateful for the entrepreneurship gene that floats through my body. It might have something to do with “not keeping all your eggs in one basket” or it could be the fact that I have a low threshold for boredom. Through the years, I have always enjoyed and learned a lot in “having something else on the side”.

In college, I tutored elementary aged students and since then have hired focus group participants for multiple marketing firms, operated a day home and owned a deli all while I was an at-home Mom. A rental space for my creative endeavours followed later.

Why did I not venture into any of them full-time? Fear. Fear of failing but also of being Successful. The Fear of changing to become someone else. The Fear of not staying the Me with whom I was familiar . There are lots of other obvious reasons that people choose not to venture out on their own, the time commitment, the outgrowing of friendships (yes, this does happen when you have different goals), the I don’t know if I have the energy to take this to the level it deserves and a myriad of other personal reasons.

 But for me, the main reason is the fear of losing of Self. Is it possible to combine my creative side, the yearning to learn more about photography, the freedom to be Me and still be financially successful in a business? Does a person really have to choose one or the other, security vs enjoyment? Are they exclusive to each other? Am I able to continue to live with integrity with the confident assurance of a calm nature and simultaneously continue to foster recognition in my desired field? Will I still be a nice person? Can yoga and chocolate, frugality, photography, travel and the occasional Jane Austin quote be combined? Can I write my way to my goal?

I will continue to share stories about the trials and successes in business, of how people cope with the loss of the guaranteed biweekly pay-cheque, and the fulfilment of doing what you love.

Stay tuned and share your thoughts! In finding yourself, you will find your bliss. There is only one You!

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