Saturday, March 22, 2014

Straying from the Fold

How far are we willing to step outside of the norm? Do you think that we get more brave or less as we get older?

Some years ago, my naturally curly haired teenage daughter started straightening her hair. She’ll “aahh!” if she reads this, because she still thinks of her hair as wavy not curly. In her attempts to defy the pre-planned tendencies of her body, we had many loud vocal discussions. My response at the time now seems over the top (yes, we mothers learn too). The time wasted did not prevent her growth academically or in her career, the mess on the floor was eventually also picked up, and no, her hair did not all fall out as I had predicted. Her decision to conform to the standard norm has not scarred her and she has found many other ways to stand out in a crowd.

Occasionally now, I see her naturally curly hair and I have stopped automatically waving to every straight dark haired, sun glass wearing, scarf tossed young woman driving her car that I see. It has prevented a lot of embarrassing moments for me. My daughter has done what she finds necessary to conform but I know that she shines brightly in many other ways.

Do you perform as a part-time clown after hours, dress like a hippie on the weekends, or are you a sky-diving accountant?

What have you done to not stand out in some circumstances to save energy to be a star in others?

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