Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grumpy is not one of the 12 days of Christmas

There are times when people need to be TOLD. That’s why there are traffic lights and In/Out doors, line-ups in front of a cash register and an “over-limit” price on super fantastic sale items. I’m seeing a theme here, it is the onslaught of Christmas Shopping Incomplete Syndrome. 

We are all getting grumpy. We are annoyed by those among us who sit relaxed sipping a cup of tea (do they not have family/friends to buy for?) who say they are DONE (their shopping, I mean; not DONE as in they aren’t buying any gifts this year). As much as they pi*s me off, I also can’t help but admire them. And therein lies the grumpiness. I do not have a big family, I am not extravagant, but still I am NOT DONE! When exactly did these people start their shopping?

Each year I think that I will be one of them. I will pick up the perfect gift for each loved one during the perfect moment in the perfect shop in March, or while on vacation in July. Then voila, I would be DONE too before the Christmas music started playing in the malls. Heck, I’d be done by Halloween. Yea right. Each year comes and each year goes, and I convince myself that I am buoyed by the excitement of shopping in crowded malls with unhappy couples and lost children. *humbug*
Maybe I should be TOLD by the people who are DONE when to start, where to go, what to craft, and what to buy. Then I can sit smugly, do a crossword and sip my own beverage.

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