Monday, December 15, 2014

Words Arise

Every writer’s helpmate book I’ve read says to write every day. But every once in a while I say, write about what?

How many ways can you suggest that we stay calm, breathe deep, look beyond the obvious, be kind, don’t take anything personally? How many times can you suggest that people give themselves a break, be as nice to yourself as you would to a friend or a stranger? 

As often as it takes, a voice inside me says.

Because each person we meet has something “going on”, something that is trying to them, irritating to them, or destroying them, it is important that they know that someone is there, sending encouraging words and tools.

If we were sitting on the sidelines as spectators, our lives would be the gentle flow of waves coming to shore. But if we care enough to be involved in our lives, we can face storms of gigantic proportions, feel the crashing of our esteem, the battering of our values, the dissolving of our castles. The more heavily engaged we are in Life, it is likely we will face more challenges.

So how long can I keep writing about Life? As long as I am able, the voice repeats.

I hope you will be there for the ride so we can both seek, learn and grow together.

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