Saturday, February 28, 2015

My February Create - Chained Heart

I'm keeping my promise to my Word for this year, see My January Create for my earlier post.

My February Create was an evening project using a heavy metal heart, a scrap of chain, cord and a forgotten "dangle". Voila! Fun to wear and named by my Sweetie as Biker Babe appropriate.

My "Chained Heart" was woven together with items just sitting in a drawer.What do you have sitting in a bag or a box that you have forgotten? Perhaps you too can sift through some discarded bits and pieces and make something new.

We forget things that we have previously fancied, things we put away for a rainy day when we have more time. Today is the day! Please go look for those treasures and give yourself the gift of discovery.

Play like a child.

Then drop me a line and let me know what you discover!

Items from my drawer: Heart - Beads and Plenty More; Chain, Cord, Metal tube, dangle - Michaels

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