Friday, March 6, 2015

We Let you Think You've Fooled Us

Does deception make you quake? If you are typically someone who prides yourself with “doing the right thing”, the thought of deception can bring all kinds of angry feelings to the surface.

We need to stand together firmly in our convictions and in our beliefs. 

Let the others whine when things get rough, use up their sick time, draw glory to themselves, or choose not to share any spotlight. Let them. 

As aggravating and hurtful as it can feel, I will try to be generous here, and say that they are learning. They lack the confidence and self-worth to do as their promise demands. It is easier for them to deceive themselves and promote their actions because they truly believe that they have to, otherwise no one will like/appreciate/trust them. Or, worse case scenario, they just don't care.

If only they knew that honesty is the highest showcase of your soul.

Honesty is the highest showcase of your soul.  Tweet: Honesty is the highest showcase of your soul.

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