Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Conversation Cup

Conversation is quite different in a local pub compared to a coffee shop. Someone who will typically bite their tongue, is fueled with inhibition reducing agents, can become nostalgic and let down their guard. And so it began, and sometimes I’m wrong.

Conversation Cup
One older man, and maybe his son sit in the booth directly in front of me. I’m sipping a red wine, waiting for my friend to arrive. Head down, scrolling through my iPad, I’m unprepared for such honesty. Let’s face it, men rarely even in this age of mindfulness and zen appreciation, discuss emotions. They might rag on each other’s motorcycle habits or snoring, but the “I feel” words infrequently come from their mouths.

Well this duo were the exception. The man and maybe son…shared. They talked about their day, the new truck the younger one was planning to buy but could he really afford it, about the running program the older one had adopted, about slowing down life and enjoying the warmer weather. They actually communicated! They acknowledged and questioned and got to the meat of the spoken words by clarifying when in doubt.

Oh,  how I enjoyed eavesdropping! Such a pleasure to hear a “real” conversation, give and take, caring questions and easy laughter. A true coffee conversation reaches the heart. My friend arrived and I waited to share what I had been privileged to hear. She would appreciate it, as long-time friends, we meet and get to heart matters.

The two men pushed aside their cups and pocketed their wallets. And I hope they left behind remnants of their honesty for the next set of people to pick up instead of a glass.

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