Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the World Belongs to each of Us

A friend of mine just returned from a "bucket list" trip to Israel. I had asked her if while she was there, she would light a candle for me as I will forever be thankful for a plea I made some ears ago, standing in front of a mock Wailing Wall at a local fitness centre.

That prayer, in spite of appearing trivial in a world of need was for the Powers of the Universe to bring me someone in the name of Love. That man, did arrive some months later, while attending a yoga class at that very location. I laugh as I think that the Universe must have wanted to be sure that I didn't miss him!

Don't ever doubt your heart's desire. I believe that the Universe knows your heart, knows when you are asking with only love, and will move mountains for you to live an authentic life.

If you cannot travel to the place of your dreams, ask someone who is going there. Ask them to bring you a shell from the beach in Bali, a napkin from a French Patisserie, a fallen petal from a rose garden. The world belongs to all of us, we are the breath and the wisdom, we are the teachers and the students and the help-mates to each other.

Thank you my friend, E. The world is set right, I have been given the opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks. And in a small church just north of Jerusalem a little flame is burning for me.

Church in Jeruslem, Israel
Don't ever doubt your heart's desire.

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