Friday, April 17, 2015

Afforded a Sunset

She was determined to escape her prairie roots of unending flatness. The mountains called her. Their majesty, their solid-ness drew her to the window where she could stand in awe. They would be here long after she was gone, they would be here before future eyes were born.

She paid and she enjoyed the comfort that no city building or edifice would ever destroy her view.  She could sit on her balcony with her wine in hand and celebrate what she had denied herself to get to where she was.

She could dance around in front of her bare window and know that only the occasional flying bird would see her. At first, she missed the smell of growing grass and trees leafing out but the solitude of her suspended life in a tower made up for it all.

There were far-away storm clouds and shafts of morning light. Blinking stars and birds heading south. There was rolling thunder and lightning that bounced across the canvas called sky. But what touched her most was witnessing each sunset, each one inexplicably different. The end of each day with the promise of a new one as the sun slid below her beloved mountains.

Sunsets never looked like that in the flat lands of her previous life.

What do you celebrate each day in your new life?

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