Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wisdom Beyond the Years

They are teenagers, each shouldering a backpack, walking the same beat as me between public transport and home.

I’m tired, she said to her friend.
What I want is to be happy enough.

I don’t care how many friends I have on facebook. I don’t have time for pinterest.

Do you know what? I turn off my phone so I can have some quiet, but don’t tell anyone okay?

I don’t want to be the lead cheerleader, or on the student council, I know I will never be heading to the provincials on the track team or want to be on the debate team.

We don’t all want to be superstars, I don’t want the attention.

I want to just know enough about which band is coming to town, what’s on the New York best seller list, how to tweet, what eponymous means (because I like the word and it sounds like hippopotamus). I also want to do a handstand this year.

Wisdom beyond the years.

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