Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sort of like stealing from a Church or maybe not

Who would have the audacity? The lack of understanding that Karma is always watching? What possesses people?

Many, many years ago Don Miguel Ruiz’s, The Four Agreements crossed my path. I was ready, at the fork in the road in my life to commit to living these four simple (although not always easy) agreements. 

I reached for the book at my local bookstore and saw that someone had torn out the inside leaf. This section, ripped from the body of the text, held on one single page The Four Agreements for the reader’s easy access. I could not believe my eyes! I’m sure my mouth opened in surprise as I realized what I was seeing.

I’ve thought of the person who did this many times since then. My first reaction was definitely one of shock.

But then as I made my way through the book, I knew that this specific book with the torn out sheaf was teaching me something. So each time I have a reaction that startles me, I look inside my thoughts and start with Don't Make Assumptions.

The Four Agreements

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