Saturday, June 20, 2015

Epilogue or Beginning

And so each of our stories has a beginning and a conclusion and then the next story begins. Each phase of our Lives another chapter, another drama, a spell of comedies, recurring characters or the same old character with a different name. 

I have a photograph of a family of brothers, each raised in the same household by the same parents. But all turned out quite differently from each other; temperament, skills learned, character all showed up in unique ways. Because each was just different enough from the other, and each child changed their parent and their siblings and time went on. So actually, they weren’t raised by the same parent or in the same family at all, were they?

Pleasure and Pain, we receive it, we give it and most importantly we do it to ourselves.

There are Nanas everywhere, “haven’t decided what kind” of granddaughters and no-good disappearing sons, there are also firm-handed men who stop the scarring and smiling library workers and people who drive the bus back and forth. 

Which one are you, which one do you want to be?
Do you wish to be someone different? Look for good models, they can be found if you keep your eyes and your heart open.
Who in your past makes you want to be a better person? It could be because you admire the way they were in the world, or you wish with every fibre in your body to not be like them.
Who in your present makes you smile? Look towards these people because they keep you grounded, ask them questions, don’t be afraid to learn. They will be flattered because not long ago they were standing where you are today.
Who will you choose to be tomorrow? Maybe not in the next 24 hours, but you are choosing with each decision and each choice you make. What are you doing today, what can you do today towards  finding your true self.

Now please play along with me and Choose 4: Write Your Own Story. Comment back here if you like, I'd love to hear your Story.

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