Friday, June 19, 2015

My Story or Yours - Part 2

And then I grew up. The day that I held all those hard-earned dollar awards in my hand, I walked the dust road towards town and hopped on the bus that could connect me to my future.

We all see the world through our own lens, through the filters we have created based on our life experience. And this is where we will take different paths in our story.

Choose A: if you feel that Nana and I were more similar than not.     "Two peas in a Pod."
Choose B: if you think that I turned out just like my no-good father.  "The apple doesn’t Fall far from the tree."
Choose C: if you hope that I had a better life.                                       "Sunshine days Ahead."
Choose D: and write your own ending to the story                               "Your Story is your Own."

A. Two peas in a Pod - Nana and I

Well let's face it. Neither of us had anyone else. It was a crying shame that her own flesh and blood turned out so rotten, her son, my daddy and the other one she never talked about. Not a very good track record I'd say.

I walked the last few blocks to the local library, where I'd read just about every book they had, and met the lady at the counter who always smiled at me. She's the one who told me about the new books when they arrived. I'm guessing that she knew a whole bunch more about my family then I'd ever know. I gave her some of the money in my pocket because I couldn't take her old typewriter for nothing. Even I knew that wouldn't be right.

Before I got back on the next bus, I picked up some more notebooks and some yellow HB pencils just in case the typewriter thing didn't work out

I had a lot more stories inside me and a lot more hate to get through.

B. The apple doesn't Fall far from the tree

With the money from my writing awards tucked deep into my backpack, I waved a not so fond goodbye to the dusty town I had spent my life so far. The lines I had made up to win those awards had been embellished to no limit, and the horrific tales of my childhood years made for a late night mini-series.

Goodbye godforsaken town in the middle of nowhere. I’m heading to my Daddy. Nana never knew that I’d heard from him after he read in the local paper that I'd won some money. The miserable old woman didn’t need to know my business. I was always good at storytelling and told her only what she wanted to hear. Daddy and I would meet up in a few hours and then we’d hit the road together. We were both used to pretending our lives away and now we'd have each other to test it out for real.  

Nana was right about one thing. Daddy was a no-good man, and not being there hadn't made Nana miss him. No one ever takes care of you in the world and if he wasn’t at the bus stop when I arrived there, I'd keep on going, I’d end up no-good either with him or without him anyway.

You had to believe in something.
C. Sunshine days Ahead

I’d fantasized about this day but never knew it would feel like this. The day I heard that my book would be made into a 6-part mini-series, I called up Nana. The phone rang and rang as was her custom. They’ll wait, if it’s important, I could hear her say. When I told her that I’d bought her a 42 inch TV so she could watch my words on screen and that it would arrive next week, there had been only a moment’s hesitation.

That’s fine, she said. Not too many family secrets given away, I hope, she’d chortled. No Nana, it’s not that kind of story.

I guess that having a TV will be okay, though don’t expect me to watch all 6 weeks. I’ve got things to do too. And then in a more hushed voice she continued, Always knew you were a writer.

That was the closest she’d ever come to giving me a compliment. It would have to do.

D. Your Story is your Own

True or make believe it's yours to do. Scribble away ... 

Then lets meet up here again…
Epilogue or Beginning - coming tomorrow... 

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