Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moving through the Rapids

When I think of flexible, I think of being relaxed in my yoga class. Of being able to bend, after hours of practise not only in to a posture, but also in life. Of going with the flow, knowing that there are many ways to Strength in the world. And also to Resilience. Using our core to keep us upright, to keep us balanced as we move through the flow of our class and our days.

Pliable on the other hand, takes away from your personal control. A pliable person may appear to be flexible, but they are really looking to decide which side to choose, to see where the benefits lie.  Most often they don’t want to make a decision that will be unfavourable to the masses. 

They will blow like the wind, will not charter their own course but are usually most charming and amiable. They can come across as relaxed and easy going, but guess what, they have no opinion! They will sit on the fence until their backsides are numb and everyone else has decided, then they will go with the majority even when the majority is wrong or choosing foolishly.

Banff, AB

Don’t confuse the Flexible with the Pliable. They might both create a vision of floating down the river but watch out for when the rapids arrive. The Flexible will be prepared and go to their core, using the momentum as a new adventure, the Pliable will be grabbing for the nearest life jacket or the closest shore.

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