Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seeing the Cloud in every Silver Lining

Sally is rarely happy. She just can’t tolerate it when things are going well. She needs something to worry, complain and imagine will go wrong.

We all know a Sally. She will whine that this good weather won’t last and that it is sure to be miserable the day of her family barbecue. She hears of the illness of a colleague, and proceeds to list the family members she has had with a similar (or worse) illness over her lifetime.

She is looking older and more unhappy with each passing day. But she won’t stop.

Sally’s behaviour is unhealthy for herself and unsafe for you. You can sympathize and empathize only so far. We all have our worries, and most people deal with them quietly and thoroughly. We don’t need as many pats on the back, waving of flags or telling of stories.

Always remember, that Sally is not really your friend. You will not be able to count on her when things do not go smoothly in your life. She will not be able to support you or lift your spirits because she is addicted to her own unhappiness. The world is not a good place for Sally.

The weight of Sally’s cloud can bring you down. It can make you angry and resentful and in spite of your good efforts, it is probably best to let Sally continue to be unhappy. Because otherwise, she will add you to her on-going list of reasons that is misunderstood.

Keep your distance from Sally, because she prefers clouds to silver linings.

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