Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Create - completed under the Wire

June Create somewhere in here
June Create somewhere in here
Such a good idea, it seemed at the time. Spread all the pieces and begin. How many times have you spread yourself too thin? Thought you could handle it, and then felt overwhelmed? Where to begin, how to begin? Scary isn't it?
June Create somewhere in here

If we look at all we want to accomplish and take a close look at all our skills (or beads as the case might be), how do we stop, to focus, to set a goal, to finish something? My dining room table was the canvas for my June Create. For ten days it held my various purchases, and plans, and ideas.

I moved things around, I researched, I Googled, and I got lost but was encouraged on Pinterest. And then I sat down, sometimes with a tea, sometimes with a wine and made these.

Beads from Mexico - some handpainted

Mauve Power
Flower Pendant - opens
Sea Glass Necklace

Soft Sky Wraparound

It's up to each of us to assess our skills, our timeline, our fears and our JOY. Do something because you want to Play, do something because it makes you happy. Do something because it makes you You! Find yourself, Find your Bliss.

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