Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saved by a Mirror

Someone I know is changing jobs to save her life. After years in a sales job in a rather lucrative field, she’s pulling the plug. She can no longer smile as she passes on promises that she knows her firm won’t be able to honour. She can’t look at some of her long-term clients and tell them one thing, knowing full well that next week it will change. She is running away to find herself and to reacquaint herself with her integrity.

When she was younger, she said, she bent a few rules. There were children to raise, a mortgage to pay and dollars to be socked away for down the road. Time went on, and she witnessed the slippery slide to full-on fabrication (or as grandmothers everywhere call it “lying”).

She began to eat to take away the pain of what she was doing. She became unhealthy and then she looked in the mirror and said WTF, who is this staring back at me? The years of accumulated pretending did not look good on her.

So last week, she finished off the resignation letter that many of us have half-completed in our office drawer and she handed it in. There was only a slight shock as she realized that her presence would be filled by someone much more agreeable. Someone who would not question because they too, as she once did, had reasons to stay.

Today she says she feels lighter, that she is no longer carrying the weight of her company’s dishonest culture and miscalculation of the effect on its employees. Her honesty kicked in. Today she is free.

When you look in the mirror, are you pleased with the You that looks back?
What changes can you make today to be the Real you?

It could save your life.

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