Monday, July 13, 2015

Fenced in by Shadows

Learning without reflection is a waste, 
reflection without learning is dangerous. 

Some years ago an old friend was telling me about one of his colleagues. This person frequently spoke of his vast years of experience in the field they both worked in.

But my friend saw his colleague's dialogue as not only irritating but also as quite far from the truth. This man often brought up his seniority of 25 years. What my friend saw however was a man with one's year experience who had just done it for 24 additional years. This man my friend said, had not learned anything new since that first year, he did not question, he did not investigate, he did not innovate, he just repeated.

Banff, AB
He was painfully out of practise, and although he knew a number of people over the years, although he could lavish his sentences by dropping the current buzz word or fling a superstar's name about, he didn't know too much more than he knew in his first year.

How comfortable do we get in our daily lives and in our work? Do we consistently push ourselves to improve our process or think outside of the box? Are we learning a new way of doing something that we did last year or 24 years ago? 

Are we becoming dull?

This coming week, let's all shake things up a bit! Let's look at our daily tasks with a little enthusiasm, let's be giddy and try a new way, let's look at our Life and give it a new set of eyes.

Let me know how it goes, I'd love to hear back from you. 

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