Friday, July 24, 2015

Side by Side and Steps Apart

The new building was eventually completed across from my work site. See One nail at a Time for the background story and it has continued to provide further interest as time has gone on.

The building is not inexpensive, it sits in  a well-established community with large trees providing shade and close proximity to thoroughfares.

From my windows, I can see the two sides of this building, twins in structure but no longer identical.

The occupants of each side moved in within days of each other. Their respective moving trucks blocking the intersection and backing up with a variety of beeps and whistles. The owners did not appear to know each other.

Within days of move-in, it became apparent that the shared walls separated very different people.

On the left, I could see her awaken early, open blinds, unpack boxes and settle in. In the first week, two giant containers filled with red and white flowers sat in welcome at the entrance to her front door. 

On the right, odds and ends have been stuffed into an overflowing blue box which has been sitting at the front door for a few weeks. And when I look at the upstairs window, it looks like the drapes are always…half drawn.

She on the left, watered her share of the lawn for the first few weeks. I'd see her place it carefully to cover her own space as if not to intrude. Now she puts her sprinkler in the middle, equally watering both spaces. She too has noted their differences.

What do they have in common, I wonder. Life has brought them together. She on the left in her home, and she on the right in a house.

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