Saturday, August 15, 2015

Detour Through

Our community is changing. A new development will be built in what had been a quiet landscape which had previously celebrated a golf course.

The neighbours who had designed their landscaped back yards to view those tranquil lawns are shocked. The streets are lined with bulldozers and trucks heaping dirt in piles and the next day moving them somewhere else. What is happening? Neighbours are standing in their driveways, some looking shocked at the disruption to their lives, some are seen shaking their heads, some seem to be unconcerned as they tend their gardens and paint their Adirondack chairs. What are they thinking?

Most of us dislike Change. When your neighbourhood takes on a different look and you have little control, what do you do? Do you stay to embrace the change or do you go? When I walk in the neighbourhood I see that some For Sale signs have cropped up more often than usual and they line the streets most affected. But there are other home owners who are going through renovations of their own, they obviously plan to stay.

Oh of course there are reasons for both, but do you go or do you stay? When your Life gets disrupted by a detour, do you pack up your bags to flee or do you plant your lawn chair on the driveway and enjoy the new view?

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