Monday, August 24, 2015


Peace in Waterton

I know that it will be a busy week ahead. A week filled with new beginnings and some farewells as students and parents face some unchartered territory. For many, the days ahead will be stressful and exciting, scary and demanding. Schedules, drop-off times, forgotten lunches and appointments. New outfits, new classmates, new staff, new bosses.

It is a time to let go of our beliefs of what we expect things to be and just Be in the Moment. All things will pass no matter how frightening and how busy. You will get used to your September, in bits and pieces, and have the chance to create a new You. 

Look at it as a start-up that you are in charge of, because you are the one that matters. 

You will be a bigger, better person at the end of this week. Allow it to happen.

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