Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rosie oh Rosie Project

For your Summer Reading Fun, try this one:

I just finished reading .

It has been sitting in my pile of books for some time now, don't ask why I didn't get to it earlier, because you probably already know some of the reasons. The least of which is, I don't like reading a book while it's being hooted and tooted in the media. I don't want to be swayed as I have in the past, of grabbing the latest NY bestseller, and absolutely detesting it. I wait for someone I know to say they recommend it. Because Life is too short for a bad book.

If you haven't read The Rosie Project though, give yourself a treat and pick it up soon.  You won't regret it. If you can, don't read the notes, don't Google what this book is about. Let the story unfold for you, as it does each day, with each turn of the page.

In it you will read of real life, relationships, the kindness of people and how we are all quirky, although some more than others. You might even see the similarities of a well-known TV character.

I can't give any more away because I don't want to ruin the surprises hidden in  this easy reading, fast paced walk through the lives of a group of people linked together through the actions of their hearts.

and Yes, I am aware that the story continues with The Rosie Effect which will be added to my shelf of books waiting to be read.

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