Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Colour me Relaxed

If you haven't already heard... colouring books for adults are in!

When did you last pick up a colouring pencil, stop all your twirling thoughts and let go? When did you last pretend that there were no chores waiting, no clothes to fold, no car to wash.

Colouring books have made their way into staff rooms and board rooms, into vans as Moms and Dads wait for their child's piano/gymnastic/soccer practice to end. Colouring books are the rage, and so they should be.

Is there a better way to relax and slow down? Be who you are, colour within the lines, add dimension, make up doodles in the blank spaces. There are no rules in colouring and this is an avenue to showcase your own personal style. Heck, colour your page all in dots if you want to!

Pick up a box of colouring pencils for yourself or for someone else. It is a guaranteed gift of love.
Leave them lying on your kitchen table or counter and make it a family act of fun. Give it to someone and remind them what it feels like to slow down and let time pass like when you were a child. When there were no boundaries, lines that were moveable, and everything that you could imagine could happen.

Here are a few of my favourites, which are definitely making it to my Wish List.

and if you are creative and practical, how about this one?

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