Thursday, October 1, 2015

And you? Birthday Revelation.

And you? 
When will you begin 
that long journey into yourself? 

As each birthday approaches, I realize the gift I have been given to reach this age. Each turning page has been a discovery and a recovery of the past. 

How little I remember of being a child, but those big moments of joy, hurt, enlightenment, and abandonment stay with you always. In some form, often unconsciously, we decide at some point to become our excuses or to grow beyond our experiences.

We gather the feedback we receive from our birth family,teachers, friends, colleagues and passersby, and we use it to define who we are or who we don’t want to be in the world. What we read, focus on in the media and whom and what we listen to, how we choose to spend our time, all help to create and mold us.

We might feel like we're almost "done", seriously, how much better could we get (laugh) but still each day we learn more about each other and about ourselves. We draw lines that connect our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and whether we are right or wrong, that decision is ours alone. We cannot blame our past, it was given to us to deliver us to this moment in time.
I have been blessed by some of the best teachers as they too continued their journey, rewarded for being taught at their hands, about fear and distrust, about loyalty and true friendship, about pain and survival, about courage and strength and still I am learning.

Thank you to all my friends and family, thank you to the past and the present. I AM because of you.

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