Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Elite Feet

Elite Feet, Vancouver Marathon, BC

A few months ago, we had the privilege of listening to the the words of a group of elite runners. 

Each spoke of the dedication that is required to their discipline. They talked about running 100-120 miles each week as part of their training. Their eyes lit up when they talked about the meals they looked forward to eating after a race in the wake of the strict guidelines prior to an event. They all laughed about their early mornings, running in the dark, climbing into bed at 9pm and their lack of love life.

But they all continued. Granted some were the recipient of sponsorship and faced the weight of their continued performance, while some came to Canada for the season, and sent their prize money back home.

They all did it however for the love of the game. For the joy of participation, for the pride of accomplishment and for the wisdom they gained.

We don't all walk in their shoes. But we do walk in our own. We do not know the impact we have on others, because as we stride through our days we are not always aware of who is watching and learning from our actions.

Pause and know. We may not have Elite Feet but we are each creating a route that someone else can follow.

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