Monday, September 14, 2015

A Dozen Disrupted

A Dozen Disrupted

A dozen roses appeared on my dining room table from someone who loves me. He knows that during the tiring times with my work schedule, little cheers me up more than flowers.

After weeks of a busy time, seeing many, many people who need your help to move forward in their lives, a dozen cheers in yellow can put a smile on your face.

Now look closely at my dozen roses, all bought on the same day, placed in the same container, and you will see a huge difference. Within a day or two, you could see that some were not doing well, and then a few more noticeably struggled through for another day or two.

And finally only one survived. Just one of those sunny twelve. You will see it clearly now that I've told you.

And so we are in Life. We enter with every option and a whole ton of optimism (just look at children in a playground!) and then fear, pain, scolding, poor health and loss creep in. Only a few of us survive and thrive.

Sometimes our scars are visible, but most often we learn to hide and disguise quite well. So do me favour this week, look around for the less than perfect and know that they are doing their best. Look for the ones who continue to shine and know that they too have a story to share.

May your week be filled with dozens of reminders that we are all in this together, knowingly or not, holding each other up.

We are all in this together, knowingly or not, holding each other up. (Click to Tweet)

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