Friday, October 23, 2015

May your Glass be Full

Eldorado Hotel, Kelowna

Your Glass. It’s not perfect anymore. It shows wear and maybe even a tiny chip somewhere. But it’s yours. Lines have been etched on it from use, from the experiences that have come your way, and it is comfortable in your hand. Like a perfectly fitting glove.

Sometimes it is filled to the brim and spills out. You are tired and overwhelmed and buried in dirt. And then you are sad as it reaches the bottom. You need motivation, you need to bite into something, you need to refill. You need a challenge, a project, a goal.

Swirl it, taste it, languish over and enjoy it.

There will be times when all you feel that all you are doing is pouring it out. Filling the glasses of your loved ones, devoting to a career, an aging parent, and you will look up and see that your glass is empty. That you are drained.

The years can seem endless when they are trying and you will weep over the happiest of years because they vanished too quickly. But mysteriously you won’t realize either until they are done. Because your Glass fit. It was yours alone.

Your Glass. Your Life. May it always be Full. (Click to Tweet)


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