Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today, My Friend

Today I will meet my friend. How I look forward to the easy conversation, the catching-up stories, and the giggles. You have a friend just like this I’m sure. The one you don’t see for weeks or months, sometimes even years. But somehow your hearts are connected, you share lines of your life, you learned from each other and you cherish your time together. You meet and you carry on like no time has passed.

My quality friends make me better, they help me grow, they support who I am today and who I want to be later. I love to watch how our friendship weaves over time. We rely on each other and take turns being strong, courageous, a better parent, an avid learner. We celebrate our changes together.

There are people whose names you put on your calendar with an exclamation mark, because you look forward to your time together. They help you see the world as a brighter place because you know that they are out there.

Hold onto these people. They are important. They are worth your time.

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